Hello and welcome. I'm Carmen M. Perez.  I'm a business and life coach. 

I created Wellbeing Messenger, a Lifestyle Blog for Female Entrepreneurs and Travel Business Success Circle, a premium membership program for travel agents. 

I create courses, workshops, and masterminds for travel agents who want to get more Ideal Travel Clients, make more money, and create a successful travel business their life loves while working with passion, purpose, and play. 

Because of the lack of passion, purpose, and play I experienced, just like millions of others, from the stress of my success, I not only share WHAT to do to relish more of the success you have achieve, I teach step-by-step HOW to create a life and successful business your life loves.

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How I Am of Service

Do you dream of calming the chaos that keeps you from enjoying the business success you crave?

If improving your work/life balance, developing a loving and healthy perspective, transcending bad habits, being more creative and innovative, focusing on what's important to you, and gaining self-awareness for better performance in your life is important to you, then you're in the right place.  

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The Doors of La Antigua Guatemala

As I walked through town, I could feel my heart soften, and my worries melt away. Life is fun and light-hearted here. Not at all like what I read about before I got here. I blame it on the doors. Take a look at the Doors of La Antigua Guatemala.

We are humbled by what our clients and members say about our courses and programs.

There are many people out there saying they can do and help the same way but don’t really know what they are doing or have it all presented in a way that is helpful, easy to understand and works.  As much as it was practical tools to help my business it was also talking and emotional tools to help me feel calm and break though. I feel that I got real expert guidance in what works and what does not work in building my business.  
~ Kim Milnes | Family Travel Boutique

Working with Carmen, is such a joy!  I get all three things I am looking for rolled into one, marketing, mindset, and the bottom-line. I’ve definitely seen a change and growth in my business from working with her. The best part is she seems to be able to read you and redirect a call if need be. The many tools, tips, and lessons are invaluable pieces now in my business and personal arsenal.
​~Lisa Rossmeissl  | Boomerang Escapes

Carmen designed a very comprehensive program.  She covers many aspects of building and growing your business, as well as your personal life. She provides practical tips and strategies that WORK. I have Carmen's step by step guidance and support to keep me going.
~Debby Leong | CEO, Bravo Travel

Thanks so much for checking in! And thanks so so so much for all your help. It truly made a difference!!
~ Jeanine Fey | Unique Journeys and Tours

I’m in tears, because I finally, for the first time in my entrepreneur journey feel understood.   I not only gained a mentor, but a true friend. My deepest and most heart-felt gratitude.
~ Denise Emory | Creative Group Getaways