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When was the last time you got together with your friends for fun’s sake?

Unfortunately, given today’s chaotic lifestyle, we rarely make time to experience fun and meaningful times with the people who matter to us most and it’s caused a people to feel more disconnected, lonely, and depressed.

The next time you find yourself feeling lonely and missing connection reach out and invite someone to a day filled with big belly laughs.

Multi-Tasking We Stand Behind

Creating time for the people that matter in your life is not only a feel-good thing to do, it also improves your health, wealth, and happiness. So while I am not a big fan of multi-tasking as a rule, when it comes to doing things that multi-task for you, that’s something I can wholeheartedly support.

Studies show those with at least 5 people they feel a bond with and can confide in are happier and live longer and healthier than those who don’t.  To create those bonds and to build that trust you must connect.

The type of connection we are talking about is very specific.  It happens when we create the opportunity to nurture and deepen relationships.  It is created when people spend time together and there is a mutual, interactive exchange, that feels more meaningful than a simple liking.

Connection is about bonding, developing a close, interpersonal relationship. This can be among family, friends, and groups, like clubs and teams. 

The Good News

This is one of these things that is easy for us to do when we think about it.  Here are 25 Ways to Deepen Relationships While Having an Amazing Time This Summer.

WM SM 25 Ways to deepen relationships

Remember, enjoy the weather and take things outdoors as often as you can. The added benefit is getting natural sun and boosting your mood.

Deepen relationships by creating “We Time” and making it a priority. Don’t just do it for your family and friends, do it for yourself too.

Create time for your family and friends now. Look at your schedule and think about when you have time to be present and enjoy some We Time. Next, look at your list of friends.  I keep a top list and no I don’t share it with anyone.  The friends on this top list are those I reach out to on a regular basis to share my highs and lows.  They are the people who mean a lot to me and I don’t want to lose connection with. Then I reach out and invite them out.  It’s a simple process and it encourages them to do the same.

The results have been getting together more frequently which naturally nurtures and deepens our relationships.

What do you enjoy doing with your family and friends? I’d love to expand my list. Share in the comment section below, or email me at Carmen@WellbeingMessenger.com.   I am here for you and I personally read and respond to all of my emails and comments.

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Until next time, live with passion, purpose, and play.

With gratitude,

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