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Win More Travel Clients on Facebook With One of These Strategies


How would you like to win more travel clients on Facebook?

During this episode of TBSC Live, I share 3 simple but powerful list building strategies to help you get your travel agency in front of more travelers so you can win more travel clients on Facebook.21 Day List Building Challenge

Why Facebook?


Because by the way of active users, Facebook has the largest number. Also, they have the most powerful ad system that removes all of the guesswork out of targeting travelers.

I built my travel agency on Facebook 8 years ago and I can assure you, it was a lot harder to do that it is now.

To prove it, I reached out to Stephanie Cannon of SC Travel Design to join me for this episode so she could share with us about how she is winning more travel clients and growing her list using a quiz.

Now she didn’t just build her quiz landing page out and hope “they” would come.  She created a strategy using Facebook Ads because as we all know, just because you build it doesn’t mean the travelers will come.

In the video, you’ll hear from Stephanie about how she executed her strategy, which replaced attending bridal shows.  I also share 3 Facebook Growth Strategies you can use now to win more travel clients.

 3 Facebook Growth Strategies to Win More Travel Clients

Direct Lead Offer Strategy

Warm Facebook Like Strategy

Rapid Growth Strategy

Watch the video or listen to the audio recording for all of the details.  If you rather read than listen or watch, the transcript of this episode is below.

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TBSC Blog 3 Facebook Growth Strategies to Win More Travel Clients

Travel Business Success Circle LIVE Transcript

TBSCLive 3 FB Growth Strategies to Win More Travel Clients

Following is a full transcript of this #TBSCLive episode. Each is created, outlined, and delivered by Carmen M. Perez, The Wellbeing Messenger, Travel Industry Marketing Expert, and Travel Agent Business Coach; and creator of www.TravelAgentMarketingSuccessMadeEasy.com. She also leads the Travel Business Success Circle Mastermind, the only travel agent group coaching program and mastermind for travel agents who want to create a successful travel business their life loves.

Carmen: [00:00:00] Hello and welcome everyone to TBSC Live, I’m Carmen Perez, the Wellbeing Messenger. Thank you so much for joining us. Today, we are going to talk about winning more travel clients, using a few growth strategies on this platform.

[00:00:18] Why are we talking about that? Well, because Facebook is the largest by way of the number of active users of any social media platform. And also they have one of the most powerful marketing systems that really allows us to target with an amazing amount of specificity and of course the better we are at targeting the better we are at converting.

[00:00:42] That’s why we love, love, love this platform. As I shared, I’m Carmen Perez, the creator of Travel Business Success Circle, and the creator of the six-part, how-to digital course www.TravelAgentMarketingSuccess MadeEasy.com. At Travel Business Success Circle, we share information and inspiration to help you build a highly profitable travel business your life loves, while working with passion, purpose, and play, so you don’t sacrifice your health, wealth, or happiness to achieve the radical success you desire.   Again, welcome. Now in case you’re just joining us we are talking about growing your email list and winning more travel clients on social media, including this platform. The good old FB Facebook. So now, before we begin, I’d like to introduce to you my cohost for today, and one of our travel agent experts, Stephanie Cannon of SC Travel Design. Welcome Stephanie.

[00:01:43] Stephanie: [00:01:43] Hi, thank you for having me here.

[00:01:45] Carmen: [00:01:45] Thank you so much for being here with me to talk about growth strategies.  I think this is where we need to be focused on growing. I know a lot of people are pausing on booking, but that doesn’t mean pausing on growth, preparing, positioning your business in order to take advantage of everything opening up when it does. So again, thank you so much. So maybe you’re wondering why I reached out to you when I did, but I reached out to Stephanie to join me for this session so she could share with us about how she was winning more travel clients, using her list builder, a quiz that she created for honeymooners or people we were anticipating would be going on a  honeymoon.  What was really great about what Stephanie did was that she didn’t just create it and hope they would come.

[00:02:40] She created a strategy that was utilizing Facebook ads because as we all know, just because we build it doesn’t mean the travelers will come right.  It is one thing to create a quiz as a lead magnet, but entirely another to actually win more travel clients. That’s an entirely different conversation.

[00:03:00] And if you set up a quiz, as a marketing vehicle for yourself and it didn’t work for you, know, that’s what I’m talking about. It happens. We’re going to talk about how we can make sure that doesn’t happen. and this is what made the difference for Stephanie. She didn’t build it and hope they will come.

[00:03:18] She really does go for it and stays committed to the strategy. Fully executes what is necessary. She doesn’t get distracted with what’s next and it really paid off for her.  I really thought it would be great for her to share with you how she achieved this focus on that strategy and how it worked for her.

[00:03:39] Okay.  I know after this conversation, you will agree too, so again, thank you so much for making the time to be here, Stephanie, and for those who are joining us, So Stephanie, could you share with us a bit more about yourself and your travel business? Who do you work with, and who do you enjoy working with most?

Welcome Travel Agent Expert, Stephanie Cannon of SC Travel Design

[00:04:00] Stephanie: [00:04:00] Yes. Well, as Carmen said, I’m Stephanie Cannon with SC Travel Design. And, my focus is mostly on luxury FIT clients and those who just want to celebrate so they can celebrate anything. It doesn’t have to be a special occasion. The quiz that I developed is geared towards honeymoon clients, but my clients are also people celebrating milestone birthdays, anniversaries. Retirements, maybe graduation and even just celebrating life in general. There are so many things to celebrate and when, as I was going through and preparing for this  I went back and like re-read my kind of like my statement or it’s not really my tagline, but what I stand for and it’s clear on my website, celebrating life’s major moments with life-changing travel.

[00:04:55] When I picked that back in 2018, who would have known then what it would really mean two years later to really celebrate and celebrate big.

[00:05:08] Most of my clients are on the premium to luxury side,  and you’re trying to find the ideal clients and not just every single person out there was a little bit difficult.

[00:05:23] So I tried to incorporate that into my quiz, knowing the specific types of clients I was looking for and not just everyone who’s going on a honeymoon.

[00:05:35] Carmen: [00:05:35] Wonderful.  Thank you.  I love the way you mentioned it, right?  Your mission statement, and how well it plays in today’s market.

[00:05:44] Given the current status of COVID, where are you selling travel at this time and how are you dealing with it? I just think we’re all in different places and we all handling it as best as we can and what’s your methodology right now?

[00:05:59] Stephanie: [00:05:59] Yeah, so mine, I’m taking probably a different approach than some of the others, since I do sell more luxury FITs and the destinations are mostly Europe, South Pacific. And of course, we know we can’t travel to those destinations right now. Well, Tahiti is open with restrictions.

[00:06:19] Most of my clients that I had booked for 2020 either got canceled or are postponing. I still have a couple hanging in traveling later this year. So we’ll see what happens with those. But I, was kind of taking a pause from booking any travel for 2020 unless it’s a rebook from, someone who was already looking ahead to postpone and only has a certain time limit that they need to travel by.

[00:06:47] So other than that, and just kind of standing back rethinking things, going over my own marketing plan. Creating some new items, possibly a new quiz coming out. You never know. So just preparing for 2021 and even 2022.

[00:07:07]Carmen: [00:07:07]  I think that’s a really smart strategy. I know we’ve been talking about it. Go for growth at this time, if you’re uncomfortable and can, that’s an option, definitely to step back.  So I know how much you love to travel.  A little known fact about Stephanie and I, we met just a few years ago, but we are birthday buddies, literally not just day but year as well.

[00:07:30]  So would you tell us,  one of your first visits to a destination that really surprised you and share what were you expecting? What did you experience that really made you fall love?

[00:07:44] Stephanie: [00:07:44] You know it’s really hard to pick one pretty much every destination I traveled to, I fall in love with, for some reason they’re all different reasons, but I think the one that probably touched me the most was Fiji.

[00:08:03] I’ve never been to a place that really literally like reaches inside to your heart and your soul and drags it out of you while you’re there, so that definitely has had a lasting impact and the people, the connections, arriving and the people you meet welcome you like they’ve known you for years.  You’ve been, lifelong best friends or part of their family. There’s not a lot of destinations that are that warm and friendly. At least not as much as the Fijians are.  I think that’s probably the one for me.

[00:08:39] Carmen: [00:08:39] I love that. You know, it’s so funny. I haven’t been, but I keep hearing this about Fiji. When I do research so many people they want information on this area as well.

[00:08:48] They’re starving for it. So clearly there’s something about that destination that transcends. Cause everybody wants to go there, like by millions. That’s awesome. I’m happy to hear that. I can’t wait till I get there. So thank you for sharing that with us. For those of you who are live with us today. Thank you so much for joining us here and for creating this space to join us.

[00:09:12] I know it’s not easy. Please know, I’m always going to make this the best investment of your time by sharing how to win more travel clients, attract more abundance or create. I should say, create a successful travel business. Your life loves, and I hope you’re ready to see why I invited Stephanie to join me here today.

[00:09:33] And share a bit more about what she’s doing to build her travel agency. So I know Stephanie and I are the only ones who can see and hear each other, but please do join in on our conversation. You can do that by giving us a like,  or by clicking the thumb up at the bottom,  We want you to go ahead or you could press a heart if you like something that we say.

[00:10:00] Also, if you have any comments or questions, leave them in the feed. Whether you’re live or watching the replay, know that we are here to be of service. So please.Put all of it in the feed and we will take a look at it. I’ll do my best. Thumbs up. I promise.

[00:10:18] All right.  let’s talk to Stephanie A little bit about her strategy.  Stephanie let’s start with your overall strategy and how it works. So overall, it was a quiz that you created. You take over the rest.

Stephanie’s List List Building Strategy Using a Quiz for Honeymooners and a Facebook Ad

[00:10:35] Stephanie: [00:10:35] So It really started when I rebranded, I guess it was early to middle of 2018 and I was not completely stepping away from romance travel because I still love it.

[00:10:51] I love working with honeymooners, but more stepping away from the larger destination weddings. moving more towards, premium to luxury travel. So in moving away from some of the larger parts of the romance travel market, I made a bold decision to not participate in any more bridal shows. And that was a huge lead generator for me.

[00:11:19] I would do at least three large ones and a couple smaller each year.  I needed a way to still be able to reach that market without being in the building face to face. And Facebook and Instagram are the perfect way because that’s where they hang out, digitally. I paired that with a quiz.  Who doesn’t like to take those quizzes that pop up?

[00:11:52] I know, I take them myself. Some of them are just for fun, but I wanted mine to be different in that it wasn’t having everybody complete the quiz because I was looking for qualified leads. The way I designed it, there’s not a ton of questions. There’s eight total. I wanted to keep it short, but not too short, but still ask the critical questions that would let the person taking the quiz.

[00:12:21] Know what type of vacation that a luxury vacation or honeymoon would be, so trying to figure that out. Getting the right people through the funnel into my lead system was. the overall strategy in replacing bridal shows.

[00:12:40] Carmen: [00:12:40] Love it love it. So now full transparency, like Stephanie said, because of COVID, everything’s kind of on no book, which means we’ve turned off this ad.

[00:12:52] Okay. Just because it’s not time, before, we turned it off.

[00:12:57] So how did it do at replacing that qualified lead for you that you would get from the bridal shows.

[00:13:08] Stephanie: [00:13:08] I went back and looked at my stats. So you have to remember first time I started running this ad, was it the very end of December of 2019.

[00:13:20] So it wasn’t out there very long. before,  we got hit with COVID, but in that one month, time period,  for the quiz itself, it has almost a hundred views, but then three quarters or more of those people actually started the quiz, which is good.

[00:13:48] Yep.  75%. Right?

[00:13:51] And then about a third or a little more than a third of those actually completed it, which meant they went all the way through and gave me their name and email.

[00:14:00]Carmen: [00:14:00] Okay. So over, just over a third. So, we’ll say 34%, beautiful. Wow. I don’t know if people know what the average opt in rate is for these things, but it’s in the single digits.

[00:14:17] Okay. Very low, we’re talking like four to 5%.  three to 5% is the average. What a landing page does in Facebook world. If your landing page does about 2%. that’s amazing. Stephanie was able to have 34% of her audience complete this. That’s amazing. That blows ads out of the water. Like what most professional marketers can do with their ads on Facebook to get a conversion.

[00:14:51] Well, well done. Congratulations. That’s why I wanted to talk to you, because it’s not that easy to get these kinds of results. I applaud you because you did it all on your own. You put your ad and your quiz together and set it up and really strategized and moved it through all the way to completion and look how successful it was with what you learned.

[00:15:16] All the information that you’ve had in your head and you applied it. I love that. So 34% beautiful. And so of that 34%. , how many reached out to you for a consultation? Would you say? And how long did that take? Now? I know we’re working with brides and so usually, we’re talking six, three months.

[00:15:40] It could be a year out. So what was that like for you?

[00:15:44] Stephanie: [00:15:44] So, knowing that basically the leads started coming in January and February. So I ended up, of those having seven consults, which I think was really high. and then five of them went ahead and paid my fee and we moved forward. And then we only got to the booking stage.

[00:16:08] With a couple and then the other ones. Yeah, kind of hanging out there, but it’s okay.  They’re still on my client list. I’ve still got them pending for whenever this opens back up to reach back out and continue planning their honeymoon.

[00:16:26] Carmen: [00:16:26] And,, I  think I already know the answer to this, but will you use this moving forward? Once things get.  And you feel comfortable to promote travel?

[00:16:38] Stephanie: [00:16:38] Absolutely. Cause I did rerun the ad for a couple of weeks, mid may, mid April, and I pushed it out to a larger audience, and it was more.

[00:16:50] Testing my Facebook ads targeting than anything. cause the initial one was more me posting on my Facebook page and then qualifying to a local audience. Cause I was trying to reach the brides who were going to the local bridal shows. But in May, when I did it, I used a broader audience, but still qualified for those that are engaged, picking all the things behind the scenes that would help me to target the luxury honeymooners more than anything.

[00:17:24] And in that two week period, I still had almost 200 views, 87, started it,, 40 leads out of it. And then. Two of them out of that actually scheduled consultation in the middle of COVID.

[00:17:44] Carmen: [00:17:44] I’m not surprised. Let’s remember we’re all like 50/50 on this. I’m not surprised at all. And I know there’s fellow agents in the mastermind who are actively promoting and they’re getting business, so I’m not surprised at all.

[00:17:57] And that one, and that was just starting for a little while on that was already giving you a 20% conversion, because yeah, 200, 40 in the end. That’s amazing. Guys, let’s give her some thumbs up and love for that.

[00:18:11] Well done. Honestly, I just think that’s amazing. I don’t want to, under value that power, and you were just experiencing the beginning of it. I can’t, wait till this is running for three months, right before engagement season.  it’s amazing. Congratulations. I think that is a big winner for you.

[00:18:33] Okay. So tell me, how long did it take you to build all.

[00:18:40] Stephanie: [00:18:40] When I really set my mind to it. I literally put this together. I want to say within maybe two weeks, two weeks in December, probably December. Cause I knew I was up against a deadline and it was more me setting the deadline, but the bridal shows were starting in January.

[00:19:05] And I wanted to have this now in those two weeks, it was not just the quiz. It was also my follow up email series. So this is the first funnel that I’ve ever created. That’s automated from start to finish.

[00:19:22] Carmen: [00:19:22]  One thing I want, our viewers to understand is that it wasn’t just that you set up a Facebook ad going anywhere. You had knew the end goal, the start on this page, you’re going to go through this series and you’re going to call me by this time, get through the series and it worked well and that’s important it wasn’t that the Facebook ad worked or the quiz was the thing.

[00:19:48] It’s creating that funnel and it works all together. If you remove any one of these elements, perhaps it wouldn’t have performed as well.

[00:19:58] Stephanie: [00:19:58] Right.

[00:19:58] Carmen: [00:19:58] Would you agree with that? See. Thank you.

[00:20:00] Stephanie: [00:20:00] I do.

[00:20:01] Carmen: [00:20:01] Because I think that’s important to understand because I hear people all the time. Oh, I set up a Facebook ad and it’s just like going to my website, I’m like, what were you offering? And these, finer points, right? really understanding how to promote your business in a way that is going to help you win more clients. This is key – understanding that it was the entire system together that really worked well for Stephanie.

[00:20:25] It wasn’t just the ad or just the quiz, just beautiful. I love that. Thank you.

[00:20:33] The last question I have for you, then we are going to go into three more strategies that I’m going to share with you the details on it.

[00:20:43]Definitely do join the conversation here. So the last thing I want to ask because I think this is something else I don’t want to underestimate is that you stuck with your idea. Didn’t abandon it. You understood the components that you had to layout. So how did you do that? How did you stay focused to see your plan through?

[00:21:04] Cause I know that’s a big thing for people.travel agents, they’re so busy traveling. You attend this webinar and that destination webinar, the top of trying to get training. And it’s just blah, how did you stay focused?

[00:21:20] Stephanie: [00:21:20] That is distracting. Isn’t it?  I’ve done so many supplier trainings, destination trainings, and I made it a priority for me. To focus more on business training, which included the specifics on marketing online marketing copywriting, like all of the client attraction side of it, because we all know this, but most people tend to go towards the quick, easy little 30 minutes. Webinars, they can sit through and multitask while they’re doing it and those are definitely a great thing to listen to, but if you don’t know how to attract your ideal client, or even who your ideal client is, then you can’t get them out the other end of your funnel and put the money into your business bank account. So I knew that was like a sticking point for me.

[00:22:21] I made it a point to really dive into those areas. The quiz part was actually fun for me. I have my mind works more like an engineering type of mind. I like to build and take apart and rebuild. , it came very easy for me to make my quiz with the outcomes that fit, what I want to sell, but also attract the people who want to go to those places.

[00:22:49] Every destination around the world for a honeymoon, that’s not what I want to bring in. So I had to design my quiz and the easiest way to do it is to start with the end in mind. So what are the outcomes you want the results that you’re going to give your clients who are coming through the quiz and then you build it backward and then I took all I’ve had since I’ve done bridal shows for so many years, I had several different follow-ups series and I literally copied them into word printed out. Every email I had highlighted what I wanted to include in my new theories and then arranged the papers out. And then copied them, went back to the computer and copied them into my autoresponder, and then laid it out in a flow chart method.

[00:23:41] Carmen: [00:23:41] All right it helps you envision it, right? Cause it’s always pieces. And I know that’s the intimidating factor, I’m very proud. We have some members in our mastermind who are like, I think Lois has 72, just put up her first year, opt-in page and things like that. And these are the barriers, right?

[00:24:02] It’s really understanding, what do I have to do to know the pieces? Because when you don’t know the pieces, you’re just working, you don’t know what you’re doing, but nothing’s moving ahead and nothing, you have this great quiz, but nobody’s opting in. And you’re like, what happened? I have all this marketing stuff, but it’s the actual you created it, but it’s the actual marketing of it, which is a critical,

[00:24:23] I’m letting you off the hook cause I have been asking you all these questions, but of course, these are questions I think are really important for travel agents to understand, especially if you are working on your marketing, just so you understand how long things take.

[00:24:37] I think they hear landing page.,  thank you page and they’re like I could get that done in one or two days,  to really.do it well, right? In a  way that really works for the people that you want to speak, to speaks to the things that you want to sell. That’s important here because you don’t want to just sell anything and make this quiz fun.

[00:24:59] You really are qualifying people, travel leads as they go through the process, so when they come to you, they’re ready to go at that point. It’s your deal to make or break, which is how we like it.  We like it that way. It’s better for you to turn down the business because it wasn’t right for you.

[00:25:16] Then you feel to have to sell something that you don’t necessarily want to, and by using the quiz and preparing it so that they end up in places that you want to sell that are going to go for the price points that you want to in that’s critical. We have a question from Michelle and she’s asking what autoresponder system do you use, Stephanie?

[00:25:40] Stephanie: [00:25:40] I use active campaign.

[00:25:43] Carmen: [00:25:43] Stephanie is using Active Campaign as her autoresponder and it allows you to filter and create rules to put people through your funnels.  Wonderful. That’s all the kind of functionality you want to make sure your autoresponder has that you can, move people from one list to another automatically of course, including tags.

[00:26:05] Bringing on tags, removing tags as people move forward so that you understand where they are. I know it can get very, very in-depth. So I don’t want to confuse people here. We don’t need to worry about that right now. I don’t want to make this advanced marketing. We’re just regularly keeping it for everyone.

[00:26:22] Marketing. So thank you. I promise to share 3 List Building Strategies that you can use.

3 Facebook Growth Strategies to Win More Travel Clients

Strategy 1 | Lead Magnet Direct Offer Strategy

[00:26:30] The first strategy the Lead Magnet Direct Offer Strategy. If you’re here with us and completely boggled, and like I don’t want to do an opt-in page right now it’s the last thing I want to learn how to do. I don’t want to worry about that. This is a good strategy for you because you don’t have to have an opt in for this. If you do great, you can use it, but if you don’t, it’s all good. So all that you’re going to do is you invite your group or your fans to reach out to you with their email address for the lead magnet, so what this looks like is you create a post.

[00:27:08] I actually did this with a client. We did a home spa recipes,  we didn’t have a full lead magnet page. It was just a little book with three recipes and we didn’t have a landing page.

[00:27:22] So what we did is on our Facebook page. We shared posts that offered. If you like this, we just shared an image and talk a little bit about something. So if you liked this, drop your email address in the comments and we’ll email it to you. And then when we emailed it out, we said, and is it okay to add you to our email list?

[00:27:42] Every single person said yes, that asked for this. So that wasn’t a problem. And then you just pop it in.  You don’t need to have an opt-in page and if you don’t have a lead magnet yet, that’s okay too.

[00:27:54] Share something interesting and say, do you want to be among the first whatever to sign up for my newsletter and drop your name and email address, this is the kind of information I’m going to share. All right. So you can get creative,  that’s one way you can, list build on Facebook without having to worry about having opt-in pages, and thank you pages set up.

Strategy 2 | Facebook Warm Like Strategy

[00:28:15] So here’s another one. You don’t need to have an opt-in page for. And it’s your strategy.  So the Facebook Warm Like Strategy is really simple and I do it all the time from my phone. So as people like your posts, this is especially nice.

[00:28:32] And it works really well when you have a post that’s popular, even with your fans on Facebook, but they will share it. And when they share it, other people will like it.. You can go in there and invite anybody who has liked or engaged with that post to like your page if they haven’t. Facebook will let you know it doesn’t say likes, they don’t like your page.  It will say invite you just click it. Invite, invite, invite, invite that I receive about 25%. Yes. Like they go ahead and like my page.

[00:29:05] And then in addition, when they do that, especially when they have liked my page based on an invitation that I sent them, I will. Send them a message asking them if they would like my newsletter. That’s simple. And it’s when I have time. I don’t do it all the time. It’s when I have time and I want to do it.

[00:29:24] That’s why I’m all in on Facebook to promote and I’ll run small ideas like that. Through that, I can just do while I’m engaging with people, especially if you’re engaging in other people’s groups. Okay. That’s really important because every administrator has a group. They’re doing something with their group, including monetizing it as well, and they don’t like it when people come in and try to pitch and be at service that way. And this is a very passive way of offering to be at service without being offensive. And by the way, if you do have something that you think that group could use, that you could be a service with, let’s say you belong to a really big wine group on Facebook, you can always reach out to that administrator and ask them if they would like to do a group cruise with the followers from that group. Think about these things. If you want to work with them, don’t be afraid to reach out to the administrators. Most of these people are entrepreneurs and small business owners like yourselves, so that’s the second strategy.

[00:30:25] Now, then we have a third one. Now, if you guys have any questions, just reach out and ask them.

Strategy 3 | Rapid List Building Strategy

[00:30:30] The third strategy is the Rapid List Building Strategy. Now, this helps you build your brand and your list at the same time, but it is a lot of work. And of course, like Stephanie just said how she started her campaign. You need to know what your goal is for this. Do you just want to grow your list?

[00:30:52] Are you seeking to grow your list in a certain category because you want to offer a group trip or a special supplier with the destination in mind? You want to know that’s important as you set all this up, but then once you have that, you want to create the most beautiful lead magnet you can imagine, for whatever it is you’re going to promote.

[00:31:13] And then what you’re going to do. And you’re going to do this every day. So you’re going to create two posts for your Facebook page. The first post is going to be an image post. You’re going to say something. That’s going to share the link to the opt-in page for this lead magnet. Okay. Now that is the first post.

[00:31:32] And then the second post is going to be an actual link share where you put the link into the post so Facebook will automatically populate the preview image for you, and then say something interesting about that blog that you want them to go and look at.  Of course, at the end of that blog, we want to have the opt-in for them to get the same lead magnet that you have in mind so all of this stuff is tying in and so what you do is every day for seven days, you will post an image and a different link, an image and a different link, an image and a different link. And then after a week, you look and see which one did the best organically. Okay. Organically. And then, the one that did the best is the one you’re running ads you put money on.

[00:32:25] Okay. Now, when I say put money on, I mean running an ad and the ad costs, we’re talking is a dollar to $2 a day for 10 days. So it could cost you $10 to $20 to run this strategy if you choose. But what I will tell you is I built my business without ads with that exact strategy because the two posts drove traffic back to my landing pages on my website.

[00:32:58] That was enough back then today we can do things a little differently.  If I had the ad budget, then. I would have done it, but I, in my head, I thought it would take me thousands of dollars to get results with ads. And, you can really achieve a lot in growing your brand and getting your business in front of active travelers and people seeking travel for very little money.

[00:33:22] On Facebook and what I would have paid to have this tool ten years ago when I was doing retreats and getting in front of those people, that would have been an amazing, amazing help. So the fact that we can tap into that today in such an easy way, really does help you make Facebook, really one of the platforms you need to be marketing on.

[00:33:44] So again, the strategy. Two posts a day, every day, measure it. If you want to do ads, If you don’t want to do ads, that’s okay. Just keep posting every day.

[00:33:55] But if you don’t want to do ads, what I would recommend doing is the last post of every day. Is adding one in the evening that’s inspirational and you don’t need to make a call to action to send them to your website, just inspire them or educate them, share something interesting and fun to keep them coming back.

[00:34:12] So that’s it. You would do three posts a day if you didn’t want to do ads. And you will drive more to now, of course, it’s slower. You won’t get seven or 10 or 40. If you don’t do ads, you might get one, one or two a week to start. And that would stay that way for a little while, but then the momentum would begin to grow, and then it would grow exponentially.

[00:34:34] So from one to two to two to four, we’ll turn to four to eight, we’ll turn to eight to 16. Okay. and that’s the way the strategy works is it builds up and then you’ll have different ads working for you over time. Okay, so let’s see here. so Michelle’s asking me, “Carmen, did you say,  I ran ads for a dollar to $2 a day with the ones that perform best?”

[00:35:00] That’s correct. And I would limit that to 10 days. Okay. Michelle, 10 days on that ad, because you want your ads or your posts to be fresh, right? Cause freshness counts on Facebook, if it starts to look too old, they back off. Yes. Thank you. Thank you. I think these strategies are great. I’m going to go ahead and give myself some hearts.

[00:35:28] Again, if you have any more questions, let them come through, but it doesn’t cost a lot,  the strategies that we are teaching and using are all just a couple bucks a day. And if you have a well-defined audience, you’re able to proliferate your market message with that audience so that’s what you need.

[00:35:47] Okay. So again, if you don’t want to boost ads, that’s all right. Go for the three posts a day. It does work it’s slower, but it works. All right.

[00:35:56] Okay. So Stephanie, thank you so much for joining me, and for sharing what you’re doing now know that your contribution to our travel agent community is really appreciated.

[00:36:09] I know that travel agents need to hear this on what’s going on and how to do it. So they know that it’s not outside of their reach. It is attainable and they probably have a lot of what they need to make it happen.  Let’s see if anybody has any more questions. We are going to begin. Wrapping up here.

[00:36:25] And I’m going to ask for Stephanie to share some final words with us. So let’s see here. We do have another question, Stephanie. And this question is for you, is that a similar dollar spend for you? What did you do with your quiz? What was your budget for your quiz?

[00:36:41] Stephanie: [00:36:41] I want to say that I put it at $5 a day.

[00:36:45] Carmen: [00:36:45] Okay. That’s about $5 a day so about $150 a month which is very reasonable, so the one that paid your planning fee, did that cover the cost of this campaign?

[00:37:02] Stephanie: [00:37:02] More than one. And I had, yeah. And I had five of them pay it in one month. So I mean.

[00:37:09] Carmen: [00:37:09] It literally is. This is what started to happen, right? You start thinking of our planning fees become like your salary and your commissions are like your fun money almost. It’s very weird, but that’s what happens as you start to execute in you’re collecting fees. So that’s amazing. Amazing.

[00:37:28] Alright, so we’re going to go ahead and wrap up. Stephanie, do you have any, parting words for the travel agents who are out there doing what you’re doing now? Just getting ready to create a life they love. Do you have anything to add before I close?

[00:37:43] Stephanie: [00:37:43] Yeah, I think the one thing that finally clicked for me was, we create these lead magnets and we’re afraid that everybody won’t opt-in, but we don’t want everybody.

[00:37:59] So when I approached this one from the point that we need to make our wording and our client attraction, repel, the people who aren’t a good fit for us from the beginning. And not worry about, cause if I looked at my stats and saw that like X started, it, but never completed it like that could, have somebody think they weren’t doing something right.

[00:38:26] And to me, I take it as those are not my ideal clients. So I’m glad they dropped off because now they’re not going through my email follow-up series and, almost taking up space when they’re not really interested in the types of trips that I plan. So it’s always a thing to keep in mind is whatever you’re putting out there, make sure that it is attracting your ideal clients, but it’s also repelling the ones that are not ideal.

[00:38:57] Carmen: [00:38:57] Right, it’s okay to qualify them.  Don’t be afraid to ask those questions. I think one of your questions because I’ve taken the quiz, is the budget. I bet that’s where a lot of people went away is you were not playing like you started it where you wanted it to be and I bet that’s what would shut people down, is how much?

[00:39:17] Okay, let me back off. That was perfect because you’re aiming to be of service, to a very specific type of traveler, which is important. Beautiful. Thank you. I think those are the very right words. Thank you for sharing those. And thank you so much for being with us and being so open about the strategies that you’re using.

[00:39:37] We do hope that the information insights and inspiration we share here helps you achieve the travel business success, you desire. Thank you so much for joining us now. If you are ready to align, activate, and take focus action with the travel industry marketing expert, who’s successfully systematized travel business success.

[00:39:58] So you can get more clients with more ease in about five hours a week. Visit www.TravelAgentMarketingSuccessMadeEasy.com, to learn the five-step program to grow your travel business with your ideal travel clients today.

[00:40:14] With that I say farewell, thank you for joining me for this Travel Business Success Circle Live.

[00:40:20] As always, I do hope the information, insights, and inspiration I share helps you create a successful travel business that your life loves.

[00:40:29] So with that until next time, work with passion, purpose, and play.

[00:40:34] Take care of you out there.


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