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Do you need more travel clients?

I remember sitting in my office when I first started my travel business waiting for the phone to ring.

Of course, I did everything I was told to do by the “experts.”  I got my education and certification.  Then I built my website and created my business cards.  And finally, I sent out my warm letters and started networking.  None of it moved my travel business forward.

All that got me was a marketing list filled with other entrepreneurs trying to sell me their services, all struggling to make it just like me.  I could feel their desperation as strongly as I felt my own. Within 9 months I was exhausted, broke and I had almost given up hope. I knew I needed to get more clients and that I was going about it all wrong.

That’s when I looked at my travel business from the foundation to the very top and I didn’t like what I saw. Unfortunately, these are the same things I see when my travel business coaching clients come to me asking why they aren’t more successful with their online marketing.

3 Reasons You Still Need More Clients

You are not clear.

Messaging is very important when you are marketing your travel business, especially online. When you don’t have the opportunity to meet someone, you must find a way to convey your passion and services in a clear way that is relatable to your Ideal Client.

When I looked at my travel business, I wasn’t clear about who I wanted to work with.  The only requirement was they wanted to travel.  So when I created my content I created for everyone who wanted to travel. That made marketing difficult because I was trying to talk to everyone instead of The One – who wanted what I had to offer.

You are not visible.

Once you build your website you must get people to visit It.  Don’t expect people to show up because you put something on the internet.  As far as content goes, we create in 2 days, what it took us to create in 2 years 10 years ago.  There’s too much information out there for your website to complete.  You must be smart and selective about marketing strategies to bring more people to your website and landing pages if you hope to do it without chaos and confusion.

When I looked at my travel business I was one of the biggest secrets on the internet.  No one was visiting my website even though I was promoting my business everywhere. What I realize now it that I didn’t even try to get people to my website or to engage with me.  I keep sending them to social media because that’s where the experts tell me I needed to engage with them.  

You are not abundant.

Travel Entrepreneurship is one of the most challenging and rewarding undertakings. I don’t take my decision to be a travel entrepreneur lightly and neither should you.  Do not allow people to take advantage of you by providing your services for free.

Even if you receive commissions from suppliers you work with by referring or using their products, as a professional you deserve a fee for your professional services.

When I looked at my business, I realized the ugly red truth about my numbers.  This helped me realize I needed to get clear and get noticed to get abundant.  But it couldn’t be that easy, or could it?

After digging in my heels and turning my business around, within 9 months my commission’s checks grew, big time. Like over 5,712%! It was unbelievable.  I went from receiving 3 digit commission checks to very nice and comfortable 5 digit commission checks, regularly.  I was finally getting noticed for doing what I loved, business was booming, and I felt abundance in every way. 

I was earning my worth.  My clients valued my services.  I had the means to do what I wanted and most of all, take care of my self.  That is abundance defined, isn’t it? 

3 Steps to Get More Lifelong Travel Clients

I know I’m not alone in making these mistakes in marketing and creating abundance in my travel business, or craving true travel business success.

Do you see the same challenges in your business today?

So what changed?

Step 1 | Get Clear

Crystal clear.  Walk 1,000 miles in your ideal client’s shoes. Do your research and take surveys.

If your marketing is falling flat, this is where you want to start.

Step 2 | Cultivate Connection

Long ago, it was enough to have a compelling message and a great product, to be successful. With the evolution of social media, consumers are much more interested in the face behind the business.

Step 3 | Create Community

Weave your passions, personality, and purpose, into the tapestry of your business brand to connect with your ideal clients. This is not just a feel-good thing to do.  It’s a smart strategy.

In the new economy, connection and community fuel success.

Using this 3-step strategy, I sent 639 women in business on transformational sojourns, in less than 2 years. Then I started teaching my dynamic marketing system and helping my clients do the same. Isn’t it amazing that this is even possible? You can do it too.

It’s your turn to look at your business. Give it a look from the bottom up.  Where can your travel business improve and what can you do about it? If you want your next action step, reach out. Please share your ah-has, comments, questions, and thoughts by emailing me at Carmen[at]WellbeingMessenger[dot]com. I am here for you and I personally respond to all of my emails and comments.

Also, if you enjoyed this article, please share it with a friend you think will enjoy it.  There are share links at the bottom of this post. Your share goes far and means the world to me and our mission. 

Until next time, live with passion, purpose, and play.

With gratitude,

Carmen M. Perez, Your Wellbeing Messenger
Growth ~ Marketing ~ Performance
Author, Motivational Speaker, Mentor, Mother, Wife, and Lover of Life

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