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You can’t change who you are…
You’re too old to learn new things…

 These are just a couple of things our limiting beliefs would have us tell ourselves…

And these are probably very kind compared to some of the things we say when no one is around.

Question for you…

If someone spoke to you the way you speak to yourself, would you still be friends?

Probably not…

However, most of us continue this dialogue and stop allowing ourselves to grow and discover what is possible.

Living small serves no one, and yet that little voice keeps us from expanding and doing what we want to do.

Well, that is about to change.

In the video I share…

How to Reframe Limiting Beliefs

Think of life as a classroom.  If you are having trouble with a lesson, it will come up over and over again, playing itself out in mini-melodramas with different casts of characters time after time, until you get it .

On the best of days, just like on the worst of them, limiting beliefs and negative thoughts will happen, but when they do, you will want to be prepared to bust through limiting beliefs to reach new heights.

Addressing these beliefs and thoughts one at a time will empower you to take on those bigger challenges to create a life worth living.

Watch the video then, share your ah-has, comments, questions, and thoughts by emailing me at Carmen[at]WellbeingMessenger[dot]com.


What limiting beliefs or negative thoughts come up time and time again? Share them and I’ll help you reframe them. Also, I’d love to learn from you.  Share your wisdom and share how you’ve overcome a limiting belief. 

I can’t wait to hear from you.

As always, the desire in me to create a life worth living honors the desire in you.

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Until next time, live with passion, purpose, and play.

Carmen M. Perez, Your Wellbeing Messenger
Growth ~ Marketing ~ Performance
Author, Motivational Speaker, Teacher, Mother, Wife, and Lover of Life

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Is your self-talk loving... or something else?

Be a Spiritual Girl in a Material World Book Cover MediumI have to admit, there are times if a friend talk to me the way I talk to myself, we would not be friends.

The good news is it doesn’t have to be this way.  There is a simple way to retrain your brain so you are your own biggest champion.

If you’d like to learn more about how to retrain your brain so you’re always kind to yourself and your greatest fan, checkout my book , Be a Spiritual Girl in a Material World: Achieve Radical Personal Success Without Sacrificing Your Health, Wealth, and Happiness.  

In it I offer a new way to think about what is possible and how to get away from self-sabotaging thoughts that disempower you.

“Carmen’s guidance, advice, and wisdom helped me feel worthy, peaceful and very grateful. This book will stay on my shelf in the reference section as I know I’ll refer back to it many times.”

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