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How to Engage your Ideal Travel Clients on Social Media

Do you wonder how to engage your Ideal Travel Clients on social media?

Engaging fans on social media seems easy in theory. But when you are actually trying to do it amidst all the noise on your chosen social media platform, getting the attention of your Ideal Travel Clients gets more challenging.

But that doesn’t mean it cannot be done.

Have I ever shared with you how I got my first retreat? It came through my social media connections.

It was 2012 and someone who was planning on opening an eco-luxury boutique hotel in Bali, Indonesia. Because of my content and profile on LinkedIn, the gentleman opening the resort thought his place was the perfect site for one of my sojourns. At the time I was creating girlfriend getaways for small groups – and his hotel would open spring of 2013 and if I brought a group in his first year, he would give me the rooms at a 50% discount.

At the time I had no idea what I was going to do with the information, but I listened.  I checked out his hotel.  He emailed me the plans, picture of his model, and construction site.  Fascinated, I started to daydream about selling out that hotel.  It was only 12 rooms.  I had only started my business about 9 months before, but I thought I could do it if I had the right opportunity.

Then, a few weeks later I received a Facebook message from a woman.  She said one of her friends who followed me sent her my information and she had a fun idea she was hoping I could help her with. She was a producer from California who just finished yoga training and wanted to take a small group of her friends to show off her new skills.

Suddenly the trip I was dreaming about in Bali came into vision and I pitched my idea for an exclusive luxury retreat.

My First $36,000 Commission Check

That was it. The deal was done 5 months later. 12 women when on that trip to Bali.  The sojourn was transforming for everyone. The leader, the resort, and my travel business. I was hooked.

This is the reason it is not enough to just post on social media, you want to engage your Ideal Travel Clients in a multi-dimensional conversation.

This was not my first group.  I did 100+ person cruises and business retreats as I learned in travel training, but they were never this lucrative.

I earned my wisdom and over $36,000 in commissions from this retreat.  For 2 years I continued to cultivate retreat leaders and help them sell out their retreats and made great money along the way, but something was missing for me.

As the Wellbeing Messenger, I help people heal through travel, but I wanted to do more.  So I went from creating retreats to teaching how to develop and sell out retreats.  I became passionately obsessed about online marketing because of my journey.

Social media played such a big part of my success which is why I embrace it today.

In this week’s #TBSC Power Training Session, I share the 3 elements of engagement for social media marketing success for travel agents. Click the link to watch now:

 3 Elements to Engage your Ideal Clients on Social Media and Grow Your Travel Business  

Social media marketing success isn’t complicated once you know what to do and how to do it.

That’s where this training session comes in. In it, I share why you want to market your travel business on social media and how to make the time you invest there worthwhile to grow your travel business with the people you want to work with most.

Social media marketing is most successful when your posts entertain, inspire and educate.

After you check out the vlog, I’d love to hear from you.  Visit our Travel Business Success Circle Facebook Group so we can continue the conversation by sharing:

Is social media marketing working for you?  If it is, what are you doing that others are not?  If it is not, share your biggest challenge.

As always, share your ah-has, comments, questions, and thoughts, by emailing me at Carmen@WellbeingMessenger.com.

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Until next time, live with passion, purpose, and play.

With gratitude,

Carmen M. Perez
The Wellbeing Messenger
Growth ~ Marketing ~ Performance
Author, Motivational Speaker, Mentor, Mother, Wife, and Lover of Life

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