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What is successful social media marketing?

Is it getting likes, comments, and shares?
Or is it generating leads for your travel business?

I know you keep hearing how important it is to be on social media. But why? What’s the point?

There is no disputing that the potential to reach millions of people is an enticing one, but how do you stand out in all of that noise?  How do you make a connection with someone on social media so you don’t feel as if all of your time invested in marketing there is a waste of time?

There is so much information being pushed to social media users at the same time.  Between the notifications and timelines, there isn’t a lot of time for them to focus on much of anything they aren’t looking for and it’s getting more challenging.

The results of what our social media gets us are what tells us how good we are at it.

Is Social Media Marketing Working For You

Most people measure their social media marketing success by the number of fans they have or the likes they get on their posts.  However, neither of these leads directly to revenue, which is the true measure of the success of your social media marketing strategy, is working for your travel business.

How many new inquiries are coming through social media?
Are inquiries from your Ideal Travel Clients?
Are inquiries growing over time?

Social media marketing is the process of gaining traffic or attention through social media sites.

For Travel Agents, Businesses, and Consultants, really any business that relies on revenue generated through personal services like travel planning, it’s important to gain traffic. More eyes equal more opportunity online. 

No one on social media is looking to book a trip. If they want to book a trip, they go to a search engine. This is why it’s important to have content on your website that uses keywords your ideal Travel Clients are using in their searches.

The best and highest use of social media is building your email marketing list.

By directing your fans to connect with you on an opt-in landing page, you create an opportunity to build a relationship.  When they say yes, they have initiated the first step. This allows you to reach your Ideal Travel Clients when and how often you want to convert them from a subscriber to a travel client.

If you love social media marketing and want to do better at converting your fans into travel clients, there are 5 rules you want to follow to help create authentic social media marketing.

Watch the Video to Get Them Now – 5 Rules of Successful Authentic Social Media Marketing

In it, I share the 5 Rules of Successful Social Media Marketing. If social media marketing is a strategy you are using to grow your travel business, it’s definitely something you want to make note of.

To learn more about how to align, activate, and take focused action to create a successful travel business your life loves visit www.TravelBusinessSuccessCircle.com. You will find all of the resources you need to get started.

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