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Achieve and Keep a Positive Mindset

Do you find yourself running on empty as you take on the special times in your life, like the holidays and still manage to keep a positive mindset?

That overwhelming feeling can make us wish the holidays were already over before they have really begun.

I’m sorry – that’s the kind of stuff that suffocates a person’s passion for life and as the Wellbeing Messenger, I just can’t allow that.

Adopt a Thriving Mindset

How you think drives how you feel about life and what is possible. That’s why it’s important to do what it takes to achieve and maintain a way of thinking that helps keep you motivated to do what you have to do.

Of course, good and bad situations will happen but how you think about them makes all the difference between surviving and thriving in your life.

This is why in this video, I’m sharing about how to achieve and keep a positive mindset or what I like to call a Thriving Mindset.

7 Behaviors To Achieve and Keep a Positive Mindset

When it comes to everything in life it all starts with a thought, and in every moment, you get to choose how you are going to feel about what you experience. Have a choice. Fear or love. Both exist – so never underestimate your power to choose happiness.

Click the link, watch the video, and share: How do you change your mindset from negative to positive?

I’d love to hear from you. Is there a behavior or routine you practice each day to help you stay positive and focused each day? Is it one of these? Let me know how you use your tools to create a life worth living.

I am here to be of service and would love to help you close the gap between where you are and where you want to be. We can do that right here – every other week, and via my blog. You also have access to my book, Be a Spiritual Girl in a Material World | Achieve Radical Personal Success Without Sacrificing Your Health, Wealth, and HappinessIt’s a book I wrote to help high achieving women in business live a more balanced and fulfilling life.

So please reach out. Know you’re not on your own. I’d love for you to share any ah-has, comments, questions and thoughts with me about what I share here and in my book by emailing me at Carmen@WellbeingMessenger.com. I am here for you and I personally respond to all of my emails and comments.

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Until next time, live with passion, purpose, and play.

With gratitude,

Carmen M. Perez
The Wellbeing Messenger
Growth ~ Marketing ~ Performance
Author, Motivational Speaker, Mentor, Mother, Wife, and Lover of Life

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