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Would you like to earn your worth?
Would you like travel clients that value you and your travel services?
Would you like to create a successful travel business your life loves?

I remember sitting in my office when I first started my travel business waiting for the phone to ring.  I was ready, willing, and able to sell more travel services, I just needed the clients.

When it came to my travel agent marketing success, everything my host agency told me to do was travel business success gospel. I got my education and travel certification.  Then I built my website and created my business cards. And finally, I sent out my warm letters and started networking.

I was ready to find clients and sell my travel services so I networked and networked. But all that got me was a marketing list filled with other entrepreneurs, all struggling to make it just like me.

I could feel their desperation as strongly as I felt my own. Within 9 months I was exhausted, broke, and almost ready to give up. I knew I needed to get more clients but clearly, I was going about it all wrong.

None of the ads, blogs, or social media posts were converting into travel business. 

Five years later, after achieving success in my own business and helping other travel agents do the same, it has been confirmed again and again.

If you want to get noticed by your Ideal Travel Client and build a successful travel business, you must learn enough about your Ideal Travel Client to create travel services they want and will pay for.

How to Sell More Travel Services

​​Get clear.

Messaging is very important when you are marketing your travel business. When you don’t have the opportunity to meet someone, you must find a way to convey your passion and services in a clear way that is relatable to your Ideal Client.

Does your travel business and travel services speak to your Ideal Travel Clients? When the only requirement we have of a travel client is they want to travel, it makes marketing difficult. When you try to relate to everyone in your marketing instead of your Ideal Travel Client, the message falls flat.

Get visible.

When you build your website, you must get people to visit. Don’t expect people to show up because you put something on the internet. There’s too much information out there for your website to compete.

Be smart and selective about marketing strategies to bring more people to your website and landing pages, not your social media, if you hope to do it without chaos and confusion.

Get paid.

Travel Entrepreneurship is one of the most challenging and rewarding undertakings. It is a big deal. Do not allow people to take advantage of you and your travel business by providing your services for free.

The commission you receive is earned from the suppliers you recommend to your travel clients. That is one transaction between you and your supplier. As a travel professional you deserve a fee for your professional service provided to your Travel Client.

About 9 months after focusing on marketing, packaging, and servicing, my commission’s checks grew, big time. Like over 5,712%! It was unbelievable. I went from receiving 3 and small 4-digit commission checks to very nice and comfortable 5 digit commission checks, regularly. I was finally getting noticed for doing what I loved, business was booming, and I felt abundance in every way. 

So again I ask…

Would you like to earn your worth?
Would you like travel clients that value you and your travel services?
Would you like to create a successful travel business your life loves?

Remember this.

As a travel agent, you do not sell travel packages, you sell travel services.

That’s the difference between you and the booking engines, and suppliers. You provide travel services and protect the best and highest interests of your Travel Clients. Hopefully for a fee.

3 Steps to Travel Agent Marketing Success

If you need more Travel Clients here are 3 things you must do to market successfully.

Step 1 | Clarity

Get crystal clear about who your Ideal Travel Client is and what they want. Don’t guess at this. Do your research.  If you currently have clients, survey them – ask them what they love and would like more of. If your marketing is not helping you get more travel clients, this is where you want to start.

Step 2 | Connection

Long ago, it was enough to have a compelling message and a great product to be successful. With the evolution of social media marketing trends, travel consumers are much more interested in connecting with the “personality” of the business.

Step 3 | Communicate

To relate your travel brand to your Ideal Travel Clients, weave your passions, personality, and purpose into the tapestry that makes up your travel brand. This is not just a feel-good thing to do, it’s also a smart strategy.

In the new economy, connection and community fuel success.

Using this 3-step marketing strategy, I sent 639 women on transformational sojourns in less than 2 years. Then I started teaching my dynamic marketing system and helping my retreat leaders, and fellow travel agents do the same.

My mission is to help you get more clients, make more money, and create a successful travel business your life loves.  When it comes to achieving travel entrepreneurial success, I know it all comes down to energy, money, and time. That’s why I share how to do it as easily and as fast as possible.

You did not start your travel business to be a marketer, but to get started, you must market successfully. Time is of the essence. Let me help you make it easier.

Visit www.TravelAgentMarketingSuccessMadeEasy.com to learn how to find more Ideal Travel Clients. Let’s create a successful travel business your life loves without sacrificing your health, wealth, and happiness.

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