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Is your travel business ready to turn your social media marketing efforts to more clients?

Social media marketing is a great way to sell your travel services online, if you are using it to build your email marketing list.

You would be hard pressed to find anyone in marketing to tell you not to focus on social media to grow your travel business, but without having your website set up to captivate and convert your target audience, it is a complete waste of your energy, money, and time.

There I said it.  I said what most travel industry experts won’t tell you about using the “successful” marketing strategies they share.

Social Media Marketing is a great strategy for your travel business, in fact it is how I built my travel business. But I have to admit, knowing what I know today, I can’t help but ask why didn’t any of the “experts” tell me trying to sell travel there is a misuse of your energy, money, and time.

Or, that running those one-off ads on supplier sales and specials didn’t build your travel business either. It attracts price shoppers who treat you like an online booking engine. They are not looking for the quality travel services you provide and charge for.

Today, we can do much better.

What To Fix If Social Media Is Not Helping You Build Your Travel Business

The highest and best use of social media is to grow your email marketing list.

Don’t use social media to sell travel. Use social media to target your Ideal Lifelong Travel and build your email marketing list. Use social media to expand your reach, thereby increasing your opportunity to get in front of more people who are interested in the travel services you offer.  Today, social media is the most inexpensive and effective way of increasing your reach and opportunity.

Don’t be fooled.  No one is on social media to buy travel, but they are there to get information and their friend’s opinions about it, so give them what they want if you want to be successful in getting those valuable “likes” that lead to getting more business and clients.

This is powerful because once you capture the attention of a new follower, you have the potential to pique their interest in exchange for their name and email address, you have an opportunity to travel services over and over again, at virtually no cost through email.

Unfortunately, social media platforms only show your posts to a small percentage of your fans, and you must continuously post and pay for boosts to reach them with hopes of creating the know, like, and trust needed to get the yes.  But, once a person subscribes you’re your email list, you can send them what you want when you want, and that is priceless marketing power.

If you would like to take the next step in building your email marketing list to get more clients, make more money, and create a travel business your life loves, join our 7 Day List Building Challenge for Travel Pros. If you’re tired of trying to figure it out and want step by step guidance that will make the difference between surviving and thriving in your business, click here.

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