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It’s time to stop the busy-ness to go from surviving to thriving.  

I know you are doing great and keeping busy right? Running from here to there, checking things off your to-do list…if that’s the case, what have you accomplished?

Too many times we get caught up in getting things done but my question here is, are they the right things?

You are the one in control of your day.  No one else.  No one can tell you what is important to you.  No one can tell you what you must do.  You must discover this for yourself.

And that’s where the issue lies.  Because of the 3,000+ messages, you receive each day about who you ought to be and what you ought to do, you don’t know what you need to do anymore.

Here’s 7 Steps To Go from Surviving to Thriving that will help you stay on your path so busy-ness no long rules your life, you do.

Step 1: Be thoughtful. This forces you to sit down and think about what you want to achieve, how you want to live, and who you want to show up as in the world.  Only when you know these things can you move knowing what to do. This goes in business and it does in life. Being clear on these bigger questions is what drives your quality of life.

Step 2: Know what to do.  Now that you know what you want to do, what’s important to you and what you want to achieve, you can decide on the things that you must do.  Think about those things that are really going to move you forward.  Running to 3 grocery stores to get the best deals isn’t going to move you further ahead in achieving your dreams.

Step 3: Assign it. Don’t just hope you will get to the things you want to do.  Set aside time in your calendar for when you want to get it done. As an alternative, when it comes to doing the things you don’t enjoy or the things you don’t have time for, ask or hire help.  Just because you want it all, it doesn’t mean you have to do it all.

Step 4: Do what you said you would do.  One important part of getting what you want to be done is doing it.  Setting aside the time is just the first step.  The second step is when it’s time to do the work, you do it. Too often we don’t honor our appointments with ourselves for one reason or another.  It’s time to stop the madness and focus on what’s important and this doing the things you thoughtfully said you wanted to do.

Step 5: Clean it up and clear it out.  Prepare yourself for success by setting up your spaces for what you want to do.  This way when it’s time to get down to business you are not running all over your house or office getting things set up.  Also get rid of any distracting clutter.

Step 6: Be a student of life.  Learn the things that will move you further in your life.  I for one focus on a learning challenge every 30 days.  I focus on a topic and get to know a little more about it.  Over the last few years I’ve been obsessed with business and spirituality (I know, what a combo). So one month my challenge will be to learn everything I can about landing pages, then the next month it would be to learn about Archangel Michael.  You just never know.  What’s important is you choose to learn about what interest you and moves you forward.  If you come across something you want to know more about, it’s all good, create another 30-day challenge for that topic.

Step 7: Love yourself as you love others. Self-love is the most important and yet the most neglected part of achieving our dreams.  When we don’t care for our needs, how can we possibly show up as our highest-best self? We can’t.  That’s why we feel comforted in running around like chickens getting our to-do’s done.  Then we don’t have to think about all the things we are not doing to live life more fully, more deliberately.

So when people tell me they are busy, I ask, “Is your busy-ness closing the gap between where you are and where you want to be, or is it keeping you from achieving your dreams, the things you want?”  So that’s what I’m  asking you. If not, put it to work.

Now it’s your turn. Could you possibly be living your life more fully? Are there things you are not doing but really want to but can’t because of all of your busy-ness? Is there something you can do to feel better about what you do with your time? Share your ah-has, comments, questions, and thoughts in the comment section below.

Go through the 7 Steps To Go From Surviving to Thriving, to start closing the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

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Until next time, live with passion, purpose, and play.

With gratitude,

Carmen M. Perez, Your Wellbeing Messenger
Personal Success Mentor
Growth ~ Marketing ~ Performance
Author, Motivational Speaker, Mentor, Mother, Wife, and Lover of Life

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