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When I arrived in La Antigua, Guatemala for the very first time, I was enamored. From my first colorful step back into colonial times until my last, this small cobblestone street lined city is a throwback to an era I’ve only read about or saw on television.

La Antigua, Guatemala is located about one hour outside of Guatemala City. In 1979 UNESCO recognized this rebuilt colonial city and its monuments as a World Heritage site.  Today it is the perfect backdrop for your next vacation.

La Antigua Through My Eyes

As I walked through the city, I could feel my heart soften, and my worries melt away.  When I think of Antigua I think love and it’s no surprise since on average La Antigua hosts 25 weddings each Saturday. Life is fun and light-hearted here.  Not at all like what I expected, not that I knew what I was expecting anyway.

Of all the beautiful things I encountered in my 10 days in Guatemala, I can say the Doors of La Antigua left a huge impression on me.

Is there a transition that you have been positioning to make? Don’t be afraid to look behind the door.
You never know what you will find.

I was invited to Guatemala to speak to local destination wedding professionals about how to market online to the US travel market, and tour this beautiful country for 10 days courtesty of INGUAT in association with IADWP for Guatemala Romantica, a travel industry event for travel entrepreneurs who want to learn more about what Guatemala has to offer to their clients.

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