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What Does Travel Business Success Mean To You

Does success travel business success mean you have tons of clients and are in high demand?

Does it mean that you have enough money to buy your heart’s desire?

Does it mean that you “like” your travel business as much as you love it?

Few people define success as it relates to what they want, but this is important if you ever hope to feel the success you achieve.

We tend to measure success by what we see. If we see someone working long hours, wearing nice clothes, and running around all weekend with a smile on their face, we believe they are successful, but what do we know about their health, wealth, and happiness?

True success doesn’t force you to choose between health, wealth, or happiness.

You don’t have to sacrifice the things that matter to achieve the travel business success you desire.  What good is achieving success if you don’t feel successful when you get there?

True success is not sacrificing everything that fulfills you and brings you meaning to achieve it.

True success is achieving what you desire while maintaining your wellbeing.

For some that means helping others. Therefore a successful life allows them to invest time in personally giving to those in need. For others it means creating a successful business. Therefore, a success life allows them to invest the time to create a successful business.

What true success is for me is not the same as what true success is for you.  We crave different levels of health, wealth, and happiness.  My version of true success looks nothing like yours, and vice versa.  That’s the way it is supposed to be.  Could you imagine a world where we all wanted exactly the same thing exactly the same way to achieve a truly successful life?

However, if we fail to define what true success means and feels like for us, we could invest all our time and effort in someone else’s version of success and never feel truly successful.

Your path to success appears when you are clear about what success means to you.

We are all successful.  However, if we keep bargaining our wellbeing for success, how will we achieve the type of success that makes us stand back in awe of the life that we have created?

If we continue giving into our fears of failure until we reach a certain level of success, then we will never realizing true health, wealth, and happiness.

To help me live in alignment with the true success I desire in my life, each week I go through a reflection process as part of my 4Rs.

To learn about the 4Rs and dive into my reflection process watch the video.

Reflection Process

Here is the Reflect Part of them 4Rs Process. In the video I go into it a bit more.

Openly and honestly answer the following questions weekly to keep you on your path to creating a truly successful life.

What were my highs?

What were my lows?

What did I do well and enjoy? What did I do well and wish I could do more? What did I do well and wish I could do less?

What did I not do as well as I hoped? What did I not do well and wish I could? What did I not do well and never want to do again?

What did I feel passionate about? What made my heart sing? What made me smile?

How did I deal with people, events, issues, challenges?

Did my actions this week represent how I want to be seen?

Review what you wrote.

How does it make you feel?

Are you happy with your responses?

Is there anything you can do today, tomorrow, or in the future to live a life that will make you more comfortable with the responses to these questions?

Allow the answers to these questions will guide you as you create the true success you want to experience in your travel business and life.

I hold a lot of value in my professional accomplishments.  I also value my family and the involved personal roles I play in my life.  Sometimes that requires I put my desire for achievement aside to enjoy playtime with my daughters, grandchildren, or a getaway with the girls.  For me, true success means, showing up as my best self for my higher self. That allows me to create the balance I crave.

This is what brings me the feeling of true abundance and hence success. I firmly believe I could not have accomplished my success in business or life without this practice.  It keeps me anchored in my desires to I can achieve the success I desire.

How about you?  What does true success mean to you and how do you achieve that wonderful feeling of abundance into your life?

As always, I am here for you.  Share your ah-has, comments, questions, and thoughts by emailing me at Carmen[at]WellbeingMessenger[dot]com.

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Until next time, live with passion, purpose, and play.

With gratitude,

Carmen Xx
The Wellbeing Messenger
Growth ~ Marketing ~ Performance
Author, Motivational Speaker, Mentor, Mother, Wife, and Lover of Life

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