Carmen develops new travel agent training frequently as marketing trends move fast.

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Travel Agent Marketing Success Made Easy


Travel Agent Business Success CourseWant more abundance in your travel business, but need more new and repeat clients to make it happen, and nothing you’re doing to market your travel business is helping?

I’d like to help you find more Ideal Travel Clients and make more money in your travel business. I created Travel Agent Marketing Success Made Easy to help you do that.

If you are sending out newsletters, blogging, and posting on social media like mad but still not getting the results you hoped for? I’d like to share how to harness the power of a dynamic marketing system. You don’t need to do more marketing you need to align and activate your marketing system.

This is for those travel agents, businesses, and consultants who want to attract their Ideal Travel Clients consistently using a proven marketing system to grow a successful travel business their life loves.

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We Are Humbled By What Our Client’s Are Saying

I had so many things going on in business and in my personal life.  I had a feeling of overwhelm because of projects I wanted to get complete and I never knew where to start.  Normally, I would just let the projects go or do them at the last minute in a way that was never up to my standards so I would then feel disappointed.

Carmen helped me break down my projects and goals into small realistic steps that I was able to accomplish and achieve in a timely manner.  During our sessions, she made me feel valuable, worthy and helped me to overcome personal struggles that I did not realize that were blocking me from completing my projects and being successful.   Carmen honored my fears and concerns.  She always let me know that my feelings are valid no matter if they are personal or business related.

Through Carmen’s guidance, I was able to effortlessly complete and produce my first workshop that was 10 people shy of a sellout and was very well received from each participant.  I am now able to use the practices she has taught me in my every day and long-term projects.

I recommend working with Carmen as she is trusting, open, responsive, sensitive and compassionate with her clients.  She has a passion for what she does and makes you feel extraordinary.

Shannon Cunningham LeBlanc

Chief Romance Officer, Paradise Vacation Escapes

Working with Carmen was a smart move. Creating a sales funnel has so MANY parts & she was able to lead me through the process of creating a funnel that targeted my audience. She took time to learn about who I was and what I wanted to accomplish so that my product was in line with my integrity. Now I have the new ability to confidently create as many funnels as I can handle to bring in leads.

Carmen, I can’t thank you enough for your time and what you taught me. I enjoyed every moment of our time together.

Sheena Murphy


Working with Carmen helped to build my understanding of how all the sales funnel and marketing elements worked together. My confidence skyrocketed as my expertise improved.  I liked her approach of setting objectives and goals for each week.  The assignments weren’t easy, but they were necessary and effective.

One of the things I really enjoyed about working with Carmen is that because she had walked in my shoes, she was able to help me get out of my own way and breakthrough to successful completion of my goals. Hallelujah!

Donna Beasley

Publisher, KaZoom Digital Publishing